Crooked Teeth: Straight Facts

Crooked Teeth: Straight Facts

Did you know that crooked teeth not only affect your appearance, but your oral health and even overall health as well?

Invest in your health

Crooked teeth pose a significant threat to your oral health. Many people dismiss the idea of correcting it because they don’t feel like spending money on something cosmetic in nature. However, the longer you wait, the more likely it is you will develop issues that end up costing you more in the long run.

The first and perhaps most obvious reason for this is that crooked teeth are difficult to clean. When teeth are overlapping or crowded, it can be a real challenge to remove the tough plaque that builds up over time with just a toothbrush and floss. The resulting buildup can lead to bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Abandon bad bites

If you have several crooked teeth, this can affect how your ability to chew your food and lead to jaw pain.

When your upper and lower teeth don’t fit together correctly, your bite will usually be off. This can prevent the mouth from developing correctly and lead to excessive wear and may lead to significant tooth and jaw problems.

Crooked teeth interrupt the balance of the jaw, leading to extra stress on your joints. A misaligned jaw cannot only negatively affect your facial profile, it can limit you or your child’s chewing ability and eating habits, leading to nutritional deficiencies. This can cause problems far beyond the realm of oral health.

Be good to your gums

With straighter teeth, it is much easier (and cheaper) to maintain your healthy, beautiful smile. By practicing complete oral hygiene instead of brushing and flossing only the accessible areas, you are protecting your teeth and gums from cavities and gum disease. You are also less likely to suffer from chronic bad breath, and gingivitis. This improved ability to brush and floss may reduce your risk of gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. Periodontal diseases is a serious issue that should not be ignored and may lead to infection, a receding gumline, and even tooth and bone loss.

Boost your health AND your confidence

It is not just oral health that may be in jeopardy by crooked teeth, but your overall health as well. Dental problems can cause headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and periodontal disease, which has been linked to heart disease. It doesn’t make sense to put your whole life at risk when prevention is an option.

The benefits of straighter teeth is so more than aesthetics. A beautiful smile can make all the difference in how you see yourself as well as how others perceive you. When you are not concerned with hiding crooked teeth, you will smile for all the world to see, improving social relations with friends and colleagues. Science has proven that smiling releases endorphins, making you feel better.

Brace for the future

If the idea of wearing braces as an adult has you pumping the brakes, you will be relieved to know that the nightmarish contraptions you knew growing up are a thing of the past. More options for orthodontic treatment are available now. While metal braces are still very common, Invisalign clear aligners have become a popular alternative. They boast the same effectiveness of metal braces in certain situations without the unsolicited attention. With most clear aligners many people won’t even know you are wearing them.

Everyone’s mouth is unique so talk to your dental professional about which type of orthodontic treatment will work best for you.

Straighten up

Let’s review.

  • Crooked teeth = tooth decay, jaw pain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, tissue damage, gum disease, bad breath, nutritional deficiencies, risk of heart disease, and overall lowered self-esteem.
  • Straightened teeth = easy hygiene and daily maintenance, jaw, head, and neck free of bite-related pain, healthy gums and tissues, fresh breath, good overall health and sky-high self-esteem.

What are you waiting for? Take charge of your health and happiness today. Feel free to contact us with any questions r concerns or to inquire about a payment plan or Care Credit.

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