If you have crooked teeth, you may be considering traditional braces or Invisalign. Conventional braces may be necessary for more dramatic overbites or crowded teeth, but invisible braces may be all it takes if you have milder tooth crowding and extra space or a smaller overbite. An orthodontist can help you choose the option that will get the best results.

Straighter teeth have many benefits:

Healthier Teeth and Gums – Properly positioned teeth are easier to brush and floss than teeth that are crowded, crooked, or spaced too far apart.  Braces can help give you the space to properly care for your teeth. Good oral hygiene reduces plaque buildup thus reducing the chance for tooth decay and gum disease.

Improved Chewing and Speech – Correcting the position of teeth can lead to better placement of the tongue allowing better chewing and speech.

Decreased Risk of Dental Trauma and Abnormal Wear – Properly aligned teeth places them in position to function as nature intended thus relieving pressure on just a few teeth or function that will abnormally wear down a tooth.

Beautiful Smiles – Straighter teeth will make you feel less self-conscious and more confident.

Family SmileCare Center offers many options to straighten your teeth from experienced orthodontists.


Early treatment – Phase I.  This treatment is for children ages 7-10 where there is a specific issue that needs to be corrected before all the permanent teeth have erupted.  For example a tooth that is in cross bite, or has no room to erupt due to severe crowding, or a small upper jaw that needs to be expanded.  It is important to correct this earlier to help the remaining teeth have room to come in.

Orthodontics - Phase I Photo

Conventional braces – Phase II.  The most well-known treatment of teenagers, and people with more dramatic spaces between their teeth or crowding.

Orthodontics - Phase II Photo Before Orthodontics - Phase II Photo After

Adult treatment.  Many adults have had relapse from braces and just want the lower teeth straight again or never had braces and want straighter teeth now. This can be accomplished with conventional braces on just a few teeth, braces on all the teeth, or Invisalign.  

Invisalign - Photo Before Invisalign - Photo After

We will discuss the benefits and costs of conventional braces and Invisalign, and what the best solution for you based on your unique needs. Call for an appointment today.