Fall 2018

Topics: Dental X-Rays: What's the Danger?

Spring 2018

Topics: Snoring & sleep apnea: how dentists can help.

Fall 2017

Topics: The benefits of electric toothbrush vs. manual

Spring 2017

Topics: Healthcare For Your Heart

Fall 2016

Topics: Why should you visit the hygienist?

Spring 2015

Topics: Why would you be referred to a periodontist.

Fall 2014

Topics: New Staff Member, Kim.

Fall 2012

Topics: Jaw Pain and OTC Mouth Rinses

Spring 2012

Topics: Email and Text. Connect and Communicate

Fall 2011

Topics: Orthodontic (Braces) & Invisalign

Spring 2011

Topics: Eating for a Healthy Mouth

Spring 2010

Topics: Fillings

Fall 2009

Topics: Cracked Tooth, Grinding

Spring 2009

Topics: Modern Dentistry for Modern Lifestyles

Fall 2008

Topics: Flouride Varnishes, MI Paste and Sugar-free Gum

Summer 2008

Topics: Baby and Children's Teeth

Spring 2008

Topics: Dental Health and Nutrition

Winter 2008

Topics: Periodontal "Gum" Disease, Electric Toothbrushes

Fall 2007

Topics: Diagnodent-finding Cavities, Crowns

Summer 2007

Topics: Snoring, Invisalign, Antibiotics

Spring 2007

Topics: Farewell Dr. Wolf, Hello Dr. Stodola

Winter 2007

Topics: Whiten Your Smile

Fall 2006

Topics: Replacing Fillings, Composite "White" Fillings

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