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Top 5 Reasons to Replace Missing Teeth

Why Expectant Mothers Should Never Skip the Dentist

The first thing that you think of when you think of teeth might be a beautiful smile, but your oral health, and missing teeth affect much more than just the way you look. Take care of your teeth with preventive dentistry, and if you do lose one or more teeth, get them replaced.

From the basic structure of your face to the way you chew your food, having properly spaced teeth in place is important to your looks, your health, and even your emotional state and social well-being.

Dentures vs. Tooth Implants - What’s Best for You?

Your smile leaves a lasting impression, so if you’ve lost teeth, you may be timid about flashing your pearly whites. There are great options for tooth replacement, but sometimes it’s hard to decide which option is better between dentures and tooth implants. Both options have their benefits.

Your decision might be based on whether you are missing one or two teeth, or need a whole new set of teeth. The answer might depend on your age and how long you believe you have to use them.

Dental bridges and Implants

When you lose a tooth as a child it’s likely you’ll just have another tooth grow back in its place to fill in your beautiful smile, however when you lose a tooth as an adult it can be a traumatizing experience trying to figure out how to replace something that won’t grow back.

For those who find themselves in the unfortunate situation of having a missing tooth, at least there are a few viable options for tooth replacement that can restore your smile and your confidence fairly quickly, with minimal pain.

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